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Under Violet Skies from Austria.

The journey starts in 2012 when drummer Marina Eckhart meets guitarist Alex Bartunek. They soon discover that they share the same musical vision and so Under Violet Skies is formed, with Marina additionally taking on vocals and also piano in the quieter moments of the band. Josef Haas on bass completes the trio, which is now equally based in Vienna, Graz & Imst in Austria.

All three musicians share their desire to stay independent, so it goes without question that they would produce and record all of their material by themselves. It’s very important for the band that everything released under their name, be it music or videos, is hundred percent them.

Work on the demo CD "Lost Inside Me“ is completed in 2014. It showcases Under Violet Skies’ musical melange of alternative rock mixed with metal, funk, pop and classical influences, together with electronic elements. "A big part of our music is to try and touch people on an emotional level, and also give them something to think about with our lyrics“ says Marina, "It’s all about the things you feel inside.“

2018 sees the release of Under Violet Skies’ official debut "Colors of Chaos“ on November 16, as they now have signed with Hamburg-based label Alster Records. The albums’ first video "Brilliant Red“ is unveiled on October 1.

Seraphic Eyes

 SERAPHIC EYES are from Italy ,they are an established grunge rock band with a brilliant style. Watch below their new video, LIES !


Play Redwolves New Track Below

  • Due to a legal dispute with a known brand name Awesome Mr. Powerwolf has changed their name to Redwolves !

    REDWOLVES turns up the volume and howls at the 70’s, with a mix of modern energy, old school melodic guitar licks and a couple of big furry balls!
    Sorø based, now settled in Copenhagen five-piece rock n' roll outfit Redwolves was formed by guitarist Simon Stenbaek and vocalist Rasmus Cundell in 2008, with the aim of playing rock n' roll with modern inspiration. Though the band wasn't active since the release of the rough-mix demo "Let's make it a Friday" in 2008, it has been revived by bringing in 3 new members in April, 2012.
    Since then, the band has been practicing regularly and making new material. This all lead to the first single being released as a home made music video. The song "Wake Up" was all recorded and mixed by the members. From there on Redwolves had enough material and felt confident to start preforming live.
    Their first gig was in December 2012 and from there on out, the band have had regular appearances in the Danish capital.
    Focusing on making their first release a reality, the band began recording their first ever EP. With help of their mutual friend Christian Tronhjem, they made this possible. And after a lot of mixing and mastering done by Niels Henrik Egsgaard, the release was finally eminent.
    The boys have released another new album for 2016. Here is the latest vid from May .

    Click on the REDWOLVES logo above to be taken to the bands Facebook page !


Here is the latest from RED RING, with a cover of a huge 80's hit.

Weapon UK

We welcome Weapon UK to the site. These guys are very polished and have been around for a while. Click on the pic to be taken to their website. You will hear their tracks on our stream.

Great New Track From WINGER
Kill Teddy

  • Founded in July 2012
  • Genre
    Rock/alternative rock
  • Band Members
  • Home Town
    Holland Village
  • Short description
  • Current Location
  • Influences
    Nirvana, Jimi hendrix, Led Zepplin, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra,
Diamond Mindworks

We're Diamond Mindworks, an alternative rock 5-piece from Glasgow. We've recently releasing our eagerly anticipated debut EP 'Lost In The Light' off the back of our successful debut single 'Run, Let Go' - a track that has received numerous plays on a variety of local and national online radio stations including various rock shows, including Amazing Radio with Aaron Philips. 
For more info on the band and to keep up to date with new tracks, gigs and news you can find us on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

Play their 2015 track below.




 The embryo of what was soon to become Lifer was founded in 2011 by Kim Juhlin, Daniel Gimströmer and Hans Huysmann. Since then the band has evolved and gone through several changes regarding style and band members.

In 2012 the band recorded an Demo EP called ‘Beneath the strain’. It was recorded at Gutter view studios in Solna, Stockholm and was produced by Fred Estby (Dismember, Carnage, Grave, Caliber 666 and more…). Several shows were played and was highlighted by the 4th place in the Emergenza festival.

Published on Emergenzas website on 26th of March 2012

“The crowd would not stop cheering for rock metal band Lifer. They play catchy, heavy and confident. The harsh vocals combined with rock'n'roll riffs with metal sound is a real success. The sound is great, the audience experience as well. Its solid - both musically and stage-wise. The audience is engaged!”

In autumn of 2012 the band decided to become even more serious with their music, which ended with two members leaving the band and a new drummer and bass player were recruited to form the current Lifer Lineup: Joakim Honkanen (vocals), Johannes Huysmans (guitar), Kim Juhlin (guitar), Johan Eriksson (drums, Malte x, Apes IQ) and Eddie Siojo (bass, Betrayed, Crawlpappy, Mindshift). The writing process started right away, and in the Spring of 2013 the search for the right Recording Studio began, and ESTA-Studio with Jari Lindholm behind the tools turned out to be the best choice.

Two Songs were recorded, 1. Rise 2. Outlaw. Recorded and Produced by Jari Lindholm and Lifer @ ESTA Studio, Mastered by: Rickard Monsén @ Monzen Mastering Also a Video was made for the title track “Rise”. Filmed, directed and produced by Berget Bergman ( MMI, TRIA etc…) and was released 21st of July



Artem Styrov Igor Kupriyanov, Alik Granovsky, Black Angel, 7B, Kaak and others.

Two-week European autumn  tour called AURON European Tour 2013: Wanted Daed or AliveIn 2013 was held in 2013, sweeping the country: Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

Soon  we filmed two videos - song "Spring" and instrumental composition "Prelude in b-mol".

Spring 2014 began with a 10-day tour across Russia - AURON Russian Tour: "Spring Comes to This World", then the band entered the studio to record their debut album, which will be released in autumn 2014 on the independent label Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records.


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